Enver Kannur FCPA FCCA

Managing Director of Accounting Direct Plus Ltd with over 20 years of experience in the accounting, tax and Business Advice.

We are a proactive practice, By, We, I refer to your great team of individuals at accounting direct plus, working as a team to provide a great service to our clients.

We now also opened an office in Soho London.

I believe in helping our client grow and prosper by supporting them in any way we can and not just with compliance issues.

Outside the accounting Circle I have been president of the Southgate Rotary Club and a member of the club for over 10 years.

TBCCI Board Member and currently head of Business set up and Management Forum.

Finally  I am huge supporter of Chelsea football club and love to travel whenever I get the chance.

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Tugrul Yigitoglu ACPA BA (hons) FMAAT

Tugrul joined Accounting Direct Plus in 2002.

Tugrul has a portfolio of clients ranging between small and medium sized businesses.

Tugrul has an experience in dealing with various business sectors and understands clients’ business and needs. He has a hands-on approach to clients’ profitability and sets up management systems using different business models and key performance indicators.

He also has a wide range of tax investigations experienced gained by dealing with complex tax matters over the years. As a company, Accounting Direct Plus has concluded many investigations successfully.

Tugrul and his team of business advisory has been providing unique services to help reconstruct many businesses in developing their corporate identity and branding name.

IT systems are being implemented aside from management and accounting systems, in order to help companies grow and compete in their market.

He is a fellow of the FMAAT, a member of the ACPA, has a BA degree in Accounting & Finance and Diploma in computer software design.

Tugrul enjoys traveling and diving.

He has Emergency First Response Certificate and PADI Rescue Diver Certificate, Professional underwater photographer.

He loves to cook and fine food and wine critic.

He is a member of Chaine des Rotisseurs and holding position of  Vice Chancelier Argentier in London City.


  •   Accounting
  •   Business Advisory
  •   Tax Investigation
  •   IT and Management System

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Mehmet Gazioglu FCCA

Voted “a Top Rated Accountant” 3 years in a row by the Sunday Mail.

My name is Mehmet Gazioglu ACCA. I am the tax partner at Accounting Direct Plus and have been with the company since its inception.

Since starting with the firm until now, I have gone from doing basic bookkeeping to heading the company’s tax department and also become Chartered Certified.

Not bad for someone who just turned 30.

My current job role involves helping clients with their tax planning, advising clients on their business performance and heading up any HMRC Aspect Enquiries/Investigations.

My years of exposure in tax has helped me to gain a general understanding of UK tax where I can ensure clients that they do not pay excessive tax but the correct amount of tax.

In addition to my role, I also look after a portfolio of high end clients with Turnover starting from £1m+ ensuring they are compliant in all accounting and tax matters as well as offering advice.

I live by one simple ethos “Nobody got where they are today by living for tomorrow”. In terms of tax, start planning now instead of later on.

Outside of work, I am huge supporter of Arsenal football club and love to travel whenever I get the chance.


Ronak Patel

Money makes the world go around. Blunt but true.  Accounting and Finance; not just a play of numbers but a means to an answer, a beginning to an end. One plus one may equal two in the real world but in the business world it will always equal three and as Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote made me realise the importance of choosing the right profession and what impact this choice would have on my life.

Hi my name is Ronak Patel. My passion for accounting  later expanded when I chose it as part of my A-level programme and later excelled my passion further by undertaking  a degree in accounting and finance at University,  where I gained the knowledge and indebt understanding of the finance world after which I pursued and close to completing  ACCA.

I have been working at ADP before I even got my provisional licence. I first began working there when I was only 15 as a work experience and was later responsible for inputting paid invoices onto SAGE, reconciling weekly  banking statements, collating purchase invoices, preparing relevant BACS payment forms and assisting with the monthly printing of debtors statements and began climbing the ladder where currently I am Semi Senior Accountant.

As an individual I endeavour to achieve the highest possible result in everything I do. I am always looking forward to the challenges that I continue to face in both my professional and personal life and my drive, motivation and a ‘never give up’ attitude helps me to overcome these challenges. I have always kept in mind one thing my dad always told me ‘A goal is not about the destination but the journey you take to get there.’


Anjlee Shah

It’s a blast of the obvious that companies make money. Some of them make a lot of money. Of course, someone has to manage that money or else the company doesn’t stay in business very long. That’s where we as ADP come in.

My name is Anjlee Shah. I have studied Accountancy with Business Management at University and learnt a great deal about the specific rules and practices of accounting in areas such as auditing, as well as looking in greater depth at management accounting and its relationship to broader aspects of leadership. I came to realise the importance of control, validation and the accuracy of accounting records, and have learnt how to prepare financial statements for organisations as well as how to apply accounting principles and concepts to the preparation of accounts.

I have been working at ADP since 2012. I first started as a payroll assistant and later progressed on to not only managing the payroll of over 200 companies but have also started in dealing with some of the client’s VATs, while also in the process of completing my ACCA

I consider myself a well-rounded individual, who is equipped with the core skills that are needed to thrive in the modern business environment. I have the drive, motivation and a ‘never give up’ attitude that helps me to overcome problems and issues that seem insurmountable. I also have great communication and administrative stills which will greatly assist me in undertaking the current position at the firm.


Hatice Genc

My name is Hatice. I have graduated in 2001 and started working for Accounting Direct initially as a work experience and than as an employee in the same year.

I worked for three years and than took time off to start family.

I then returned back in 2006 as a full time employee.

My duties in ADP involve dealing with customer enquiries as well as completing annual accounts and being the office manager.

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, hardworking person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake whilst working for the company. I always like to get the task I have been given done in a professional and efficient manner.

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