Are you subject to a HMRC investigation in the UK–can we help?

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A guide to what to expect if you are the subject of an investigation by HMRC.

Anyone who has experienced the difficulty of trying to get through to the HMRC helpline may think that it is an organisation too large and complex to do anything quickly.

However, while it may seemingly lack the ability to answer phone calls and emails in a timely manner, HMRC is now a force to be reckoned with when it comes to investigating those who they believe may not be paying the right amount of tax.

The reason for this is because HMRC has become far more speedy and proactive than before when dealing with tax evasion. Since 2012 it has introduced new measures to tackle tax evasion including:

  • taskforces that focus on high-risk sectors in areas where there is strong evidence of tax evasion
  • working with authorities offshore
  • targeting people who earn more than £150,000 and those with wealth of between £2.5 million and £20 million
  • publicly naming deliberate defaulters.

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